Best Bridal Outfits for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Best Bridal Outfits for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Finding the wedding dress of your dreams isn’t the only part of building the perfect bridal look. One of the most underrated moments of your special day is the mini party you and your bridesmaids throw in your bridal suite as you get ready for your walk down the aisle, and you’ll need an outfit that makes every step of the way feel like a dream! The answer to all of your problems is a cute getting-ready bridal outfit, — here are some of our faves:





Silk Robes



Silk robes are chic, flirty, and will have you feeling like you’re in a rom-com. These lightweight garments keep you cool under the heat of hair styling and makeup lighting, and allow for easy removal without messing up your bridal glam. Silk is a natural fabric produced by silkworms, giving you a rich, butter-soft robe you won’t want to take off. These luxurious garments will cost you around $200 per piece.



Satin Robes



 If you’re looking for that shiny, smooth appeal of silk, but want something a little more budget-friendly, satin robes give you all that getting-ready glamor at a fraction of the price. Due to the lower cost of this fabric, satin robes range anywhere from $15 to $100+, giving you and your bridesmaids the perfect lounging look while remaining within your budget.



Pajama Sets


Feather Detailed Sets



If you’re looking for something with slightly more structure, pajama sets are the way to go. Bridal party pajamas are a classic, but you can add a fun twist to yours by opting for feathered sets! You’ll get the comfort of wearing cozy pajamas as you get ready, along with super chic behind-the-scenes getting-ready photos.



Floral Sets



 Floral pajamas are another fan-favorite getting-ready look, giving you the flirty femininity of colorful blooms! In general, these two-piece sets are a step up from robes in terms of mobility, offering the comfort of wearing shorts rather than a skirt.



Button-Down Shirts


Oversized Button-Down Shirts



 Finally, for the bride wanting a getting-ready look that’s outside of the typical, ultra-feminine bridal party loungewear, oversized button-down shirts are here to save the day! This outfit gives you the breeziness of a robe, with the added security of buttons to keep you covered.



Monogram Button-Downs



 For our sentimental brides, custom-made monogram button downs are the perfect way to give your bridal party an adorable getting-ready look, along with a personalized gift that they can keep as a lifelong reminder of your special day.


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