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Say Yes with Stella

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Introducing New Designer Berta at Stella's Bridal

Apr 02, 2024

Are you ready for a dash of elegance, a sprinkle of luxury, and a whole lot of breathtaking beauty? Because we're thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our bridal family here at Stella's: the one and only Berta! If you haven't heard of Berta...

Romantic Bridal Looks for Your Special Day

Mar 05, 2024

If you're dreaming of a wedding day filled with romance and enchantment, you've landed in the right place. At Stella's Bridal Boutique, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gown that not only captures your unique style but also evokes...

Crafting Your Dream Bridal Glam Squad: Tips from Stella

Feb 01, 2024

 Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash   Hello, my gorgeous brides-to-be! It's Stella here, and today, let's chat about something that's as crucial as finding the perfect dress – assembling your dream bridal glam team! Trust me,...

Understanding the Holy Trinity: Cost, Location, Aesthetic

Feb 01, 2024

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash   1. Balancing the Budget First things first, let's talk about the budget. Just like you wouldn't try on a dress that's way out of your price range (tempting as it may be!), don't tease...

Modern Elegance: Unveiling Effortlessly Chic Wedding Gowns for 2024

Jan 09, 2024

Hello, radiant brides-to-be! Stella is back, swapping the tea for some tulle, ready to spill the secrets on the wedding gown trends that will have you saying "I do" in style. It's all about embracing modern elegance, effortlessly chic designs, and...

Just Said Yes? Unveil the Next Steps to Your Fairytale Wedding!

Dec 26, 2023

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash   Hey there, lovebirds! It's Stella from Stella's Bridal, your wedding whisperer and guide to the land of 'I dos.' You've got a ring that sparkles like your eyes when you say his name, and now you're...

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Bridal Stylist

Dec 12, 2023

Hey there, beautiful readers! Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a bridal store? Well, grab a cup of your favorite tea and settle in, because today, I'm taking you on a whirlwind tour through a typical day in the life of a...

Say ‘I Do’ to You: Starting With the Star of the Fashion Show – YOU and Your Dress!

Dec 12, 2023

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash   Hey there, my lovelies! It’s Stella, your wedding confidante and champion of all things uniquely you. When it comes to wedding styles, think of it as your love story in design form. There's no...

The Real Deal on Finding 'The One' - Your Dream Dress Awaits!

Nov 28, 2023

Hey there, beautiful souls! It’s Stella, your trusty guide on the glitzy road to ‘I do.’ Let’s dive into the heart of dress shopping without the fluff—because let’s face it, while fairy tales are sweet, the real...

Choosing the Perfect Veil: A Comprehensive Guide

Nov 15, 2023

Hello, beautiful souls! It's Stella, your trusted advisor in the world of weddings, back again to sprinkle some stardust on your bridal journey. Today, let's dive into the crowning glory of your ensemble - the veil! Picture it as the finishing...

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