Crafting Your Dream Bridal Glam Squad: Tips from Stella

Crafting Your Dream Bridal Glam Squad: Tips from Stella

Crafting Your Dream Bridal Glam Squad: Tips from Stella. Mobile Image

Feb 01, 2024

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Hello, my gorgeous brides-to-be! It's Stella here, and today, let's chat about something that's as crucial as finding the perfect dress – assembling your dream bridal glam team! Trust me, darlings, having the right beauty pros by your side can transform your big day from lovely to absolutely legendary. So, how do you ensure you're primped, pampered, and photo-ready? Let's dive in!


Book Early – Don't Wait!

The early bird gets the best glam squad. Top makeup artists and hairstylists book up fast, especially during peak wedding season. So, as soon as you've got your date set, start looking for your team. Think of it like snagging the front row seats at a sold-out show – timing is everything!



Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


2. Gather Your Inspiration

Pinterest boards, Instagram saves, magazine tear-outs – gather all the inspiration you can! This isn't just about liking a look; it's about finding a style that speaks to your soul. Your wedding day look should reflect who you are. Whether it's boho-chic, classic elegance, or modern glam, make sure your vision is clear.



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3. Ask a Previous Bride

Nothing beats a personal recommendation. If you've been to a wedding and thought, "Wow, her makeup is stunning," ask for the artist's details! Brides who've walked the aisle before you can offer invaluable insights into their experiences with different glam teams.



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4. The Almighty Trial

I cannot stress this enough – do a trial! A trial is like a dress rehearsal for your face and hair. It's the perfect opportunity to see how your chosen look translates in real life and on camera. Plus, it's a great way to see how well you gel with your glam team. Remember, comfort and confidence with your squad are key.



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5. Speak Up – Be Your Own Advocate

Your wedding day is not the time to be shy. If something isn't feeling right during your trial, speak up! Your glam team wants you to look and feel your best. They can't make adjustments if they don't know your thoughts. Remember, it's your face, your hair, your day – your rules!


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6. Understanding the Price Point

Let's talk money, honey. Always ask about the costs upfront, including the trial. Prices can vary wildly, so knowing what you're getting into financially will help you budget effectively. And don't forget – quality matters. Sometimes, spending a bit more can make a world of difference in your bridal look.

7. To Travel or Not to Travel

Some glam teams will come to you; others may require you to visit their studio. If they're traveling, ask about travel fees. These can add up, especially if your venue is out of their standard area. Understanding these costs early on can save you from any budget surprises down the line.



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8. Considering a Second Look

Dreaming of a dramatic evening transformation? If you're considering a second look for your reception, factor this into your budget and timeline. It's a fabulous way to wow your guests and feel refreshed for the party. Just ensure your glam team is on board and aware of your plans.


Wrapping Up

Finding the right bridal glam team is a journey, sweethearts, but when you're walking down that aisle, feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself, you'll know it was worth every step. Remember, this is your day to shine, to sparkle, and to be unapologetically you. Your glam squad is there to enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. So choose wisely, communicate openly, and most importantly, enjoy the process!
With all my love and lipstick smudges,

Stella 💖