Dress Silhouette Guide

Dress Silhouette Guide

When shopping for your wedding dress, most brides arrive at their appointment knowing what they’re looking for, but not having the proper words to describe it. One of the major design elements of your wedding dress is the silhouette, as its entire purpose is to work with your body’s natural shape to bring out all your best features. To help you know which silhouette you might want, here’s a breakdown of the most popular bridal silhouettes:



Ball Gown

Astrid by Abella



The ball gown is perfect for the bride who’s searching for something bold and feminine. A full, rounded skirt flares from the waist, creating a bold silhouette that’s completely dramatic. This shape emphasizes your torso and arms, balancing you perfectly. There’s a reason this shape is so popular with royalty—it’s statement-making and regal, perfect for ensuring you make an entrance at your wedding.




9904 by Allure



If you like the ball gown but want something slightly less dramatic, then you’ll love the A-line. The skirt also flares from your natural waist, but the shape created by the skirt is much more relaxed—rather than a rounded shape, the skirt slants inwards and up, pointing towards your waist to make you appear slimmer and taller.




88200 by Justin Alexander



The mermaid silhouette is the perfect choice for brides who want something dramatic. The silhouette is fitted to the knee, where it flares out to create a trumpet-like hourglass shape. This curve emphasizes your figure, placing emphasis on your hips to create a sultry, breathtaking shape you’ll love.



Fit and Flare

Karina by Abella



The fit and flare has the same general shape as the mermaid, but the skirt is slightly less exaggerated, beginning from midway down the thigh rather than the knee. This more relaxed shape is perfect for brides seeking an effortlessly sexy look.


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