How To Get the Most Out of Our Upcoming Sample Sale

How To Get the Most Out of Our Upcoming Sample Sale

Our upcoming sample sale is one of our favorite events here at Stella’s Bridal! What we love about a sample sale is that it offers an opportunity for our brides to come in and buy a wedding dress directly off the rack for a discounted price. It’s perfect for those who are on a tighter budget or shorter timeline, and it’s a great chance to try out designer dresses that are more accessible!


Because our sample sale is a little different from a typical experience shopping for a wedding dress, we’ve put together a few tips to help you make the most of your shopping experience with us!



Plan Ahead


The best thing you can do is start by booking an appointment with us to be a part of our sample sale! This is the only surefire way you can confirm that you’ll be a part of it, and you certainly don’t want to miss out on this special event!



Do Your Research


Our team highly encourages our brides to look at our website to get an idea of which designers you love the most. This will help you have a better idea of what to look for once you get to the sample sale! We offer a variety of special wedding dress designers that you can browse through.



Dress Comfortably


You want to make sure you’re wearing an outfit that’s easy to get in and out of for the day of the sample sale. You don’t have to bring heels if you don’t want to, but you’re more than welcome to! It can be helpful to bring them along if you want to get a more full picture of what the gown will look like, but it isn’t necessary. We do offer a podium for brides to stand on while trying on dresses!



Come In With Hair & Makeup


We certainly don’t think you should get it professionally done just for a sample sale, but we definitely think that it helps to come in with a more complete look so you can get the full picture in your mind. Plus, it can help boost your confidence levels, which is always a great idea when shopping for such an important look!



Bring Support, but Not a Group


We encourage you to bring 1-2 people to come along, but a big group isn’t a good idea for a sample sale. There won’t necessarily be enough space for that many people, and besides, finding a wedding dress is a special event that should be exclusive to just a couple of the people who matter the most to you.



Chat With Us


We LOVE getting the chance to know our customers! Tell us all about your wedding plans, the style of dress you have in mind, and any questions or concerns that you have about dress shopping. Our team wants to make this experience a journey that’s as incredible as the day you find your perfect gown.



Be Prepared To Take Your Dress Home


Full payment for your dress will be due the day of purchase, and you’ll get the chance to take your dress straight home with you! This is what’s so special about the sample sale is that brides won’t have to wait for months as usual. We also don’t offer any layaway options for the sample sale, unfortunately.



If you have any further questions or concerns about our sample sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our store! Our team at Stella’s Bridal is so excited to be a part of your wedding dress journey. Book an appointment with us now!