Meet Our Dream Team!

Meet Our Dream Team!


At Stella's Bridal, we believe that every bride deserves a magical and unforgettable experience when finding their dream wedding dress. That's why we’re proud to have a small but mighty that that’s passionate and dedicated, who are committed to making your bridal journey a truly special one. Allow us to introduce you to the remarkable individuals who make up our Dream Team!


Stella - Owner and Creative Visionary


At the helm of Stella's Bridal is the incredible Stella herself. With a background in Fashion Merchandising Management from GCC and further studies in New York City at LIM, Stella's journey in the fashion world started with a focus on Menswear. However, it was the allure of the bridal industry that captured her heart. From the very first bride she had the privilege of working with, Stella knew she had found her true calling.


Driven by her passion and a vision of creating a beautiful House of Bridal, Stella worked tirelessly to bring her dream to life. Her impeccable styling skills, combined with a finesse and grace that is unmatched, ensure that every bride who walks through the doors of Stella's Bridal feels and sees their true beauty. Stella's dedication and commitment to her life's passion have transformed Stella's Bridal Boutique into the Bridal Heaven it is today.


Juliana - Bridal Consultant Extraordinaire


Juliana, a graduate of St. John Fisher with a degree in Business Administration, joined the Stella's Bridal Dream Team after leaving her first career in finance. She had always dreamt of a career in the bridal industry, and her desire to be a part of the magical moment when a bride finds her dress led her straight to Stella's.


Juliana truly loves every aspect of the bridal process. From the initial jitters and excitement to getting to know the bride and understanding her wedding dreams, Juliana is dedicated to creating lasting relationships and unforgettable memories. She believes in celebrating the "YES" moment and making every bride feel cherished and special. Outside of Stella's, Juliana enjoys spending quality time at home with her fiancé, son, and two adorable dogs.


Together, Stella and Juliana form an unbeatable duo that is committed to making your bridal experience at Stella's Bridal exceptional. They understand the importance of finding the perfect wedding dress and the emotions that come with it. Whether you're a modern bride looking for contemporary elegance or a traditional bride seeking timeless beauty, Stella and Juliana will guide you through the process with expertise and care!


At Stella's Bridal, we take pride in our dream team's ability to make your dreams come true. We invite you to visit our boutique and experience the warmth, passion, and personalized attention that have made us a destination for brides seeking the perfect wedding dress. Visit Stella's Bridal today and embark on a bridal experience that is truly extraordinary!