Understanding the Holy Trinity: Cost, Location, Aesthetic

Understanding the Holy Trinity: Cost, Location, Aesthetic

Understanding the Holy Trinity: Cost, Location, Aesthetic. Mobile Image

Feb 01, 2024

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1. Balancing the Budget

First things first, let's talk about the budget. Just like you wouldn't try on a dress that's way out of your price range (tempting as it may be!), don't tease yourself with venues that don’t align with your budget. Remember, your venue cost will influence almost every other aspect of your wedding spending, so choose a place that leaves room in your budget for all the other sparkles and delights.



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2. Location, Location, Location

Whether you dream of a local affair or a destination wedding, the location of your venue is crucial. Think about accessibility for your guests, the logistics of getting there, and, of course, the backdrop it provides for your photos. Whether it's the charm of the countryside, the edginess of an industrial loft, or the serenity of a beachfront, your location sets the stage for your entire day.



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3. Aesthetic: From Farmhouse Chic to Beachside Bliss

Your venue should echo your personal style. Are you swooning for a rustic farmhouse vibe, or does the sleek look of an industrial space excite you? Maybe the tranquil beach is calling your name? The aesthetic of your venue should resonate with the theme of your wedding and, most importantly, feel right for you and your partner.



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Availability: The Practical Side of Romance

It's one thing to fall in love with a venue, but it's another to secure it for your big day. Popular venues can book up years in advance, especially on those coveted Saturday evenings. Be flexible with your dates if you can, and remember, off-peak seasons and days can not only be easier to book but also kinder to your budget.




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Wrapping It Up

Finding the right venue can feel overwhelming, but take heart, my dears. When you find the right one, just like the right dress, you'll know. It will feel like a part of your story waiting to be told. And always remember, the venue, just like every detail of your wedding, is a canvas for your love and joy.
So, start dreaming, start visiting, and when you find the place where your heart sings, go for it!
Sending you all my love and a sprinkle of stardust,

Stella 💖