What Dress Style Best Suits Your Venue

What Dress Style Best Suits Your Venue

As every bride plans her wedding, choosing the perfect bridal gown can be a challenge! Fortunately, the setting of your special day can offer some guidance throughout your wedding dress shopping journey. Matching your bridal dress to the atmosphere of your ceremony is one of the best ways to weave a cohesive theme through every detail of the day, and we’re here to help! Here are a few common venue styles, and their perfect wedding dress pairs you can find at our boutique to inspire your search:


Cathedral Weddings



If you’re getting married in a cathedral, you’ll need a wedding dress as regal and luxurious as your ceremony’s grand, historically rich setting! Cathedrals are even larger than church weddings, meaning that a larger-than-life dress like this elegant, bold, and romantic ball gown from Justin Alexander or this regal gown from Allure Bridals. Really, any dress that has a large skirt is going to be the perfect choice!


Cityscape Weddings



You'll need a fashion-forward gown if you're getting married in a downtown venue or against a cityscape backdrop! We recommend that you opt for a dress that features some of the latest trends in bridal fashion. It’s all in the details for this year’s bridal fashions, so consider a dress that features beautiful ruffles like this stunning A-line bridal gown by Abella! We also love something like this Abella wedding dress that feels modern and sexy.


Beach Weddings



There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a dress for a beach wedding. A lightweight, breathable and airy fabric is best for a natural setting. When walking down the aisle on grass, a train that is super long might not be the best option. Additionally, beach weddings usually take place far away from home. Because of this, you need a dress that can be transported easily and requires little maintenance. Like the gorgeous gowns pictured above, the best gowns tend to be boho and goddess-like:


Garden Weddings



Garden weddings have that warm, intimate feel to them, don't they? You'll want to wear a wedding dress that is both romantic and environmentally friendly for a garden wedding since there are natural elements involved. Choose lightweight fabrics to keep you cool and comfortable as well as to allow you to move freely throughout the terrain. A wedding dress that is delicate is best suited to the greenery. Don't wear heavy ball gowns or skirts with thick layers. Try silky satin, lace, or chiffon instead! We love a luxurious A-line gown that has subtle yet sweet details for a garden wedding.


Whether you’re searching for Le Roy Bridal Designers or Pittsford Bridal Designers, we’ve got the perfect dress for you at either of our locations! If you’re a New York bride feeling inspired to find the wedding gown of your dreams, book your appointment with us at Stella’s Bridal today!