Seamless Experience:

Let’s be honest, no matter how long you steam a dress the moment it goes back in the garment bag it is bound to get wrinkled again!! Obviously once the gown is out of the bag and aired out some of those wrinkles will fall. However, you are going to need your dress touched up again (most definitely the train)! We often hear, "Wait Stell, so you're telling me that even though I just spent money to get a final steam it will probably be wrinkled anyways?!" Don’t panic! This is where you can choose Stella’s White Glove Service instead.


Every bridesmaid or Mother of the Bride secretly panics when it comes to those little details, take the pressure off of them and leave it to us!

Not only will everyone have a freshly pressed gown, but we will also stay with you and your bridal party until the ceremony to ensure everyone is flawless the moment they walk down the aisle.


-We come to you on your wedding day!
-We provide a full steam to your wedding dress and also touch-up your wedding party's dresses.
-We will also help you into your dress or assist with fine details such as buttoning or lacing up your corset.

Service Fee: $500.00